Welcome to the home of Mike Elford | The Windsor Wedding Photographer. Mike began his journey in photography back in 2001, photographing his first wedding in 2003.  While Mike is very well known on wedding photographer scene in the Windsor-Essex County Area, he’s also very busy photographing portraits of his past clients, and their growing families. And you may or may not know, but Mike is also one of the most popular Santa Claus’ in the Windsor Essex Area.
While photographing is a wedding is vastly different from photographing portraits of a family, yet both are entirely different than being Santa Claus… However, Mike believes the foundation of each is the same – to be successful, you has to know only your craft but maybe even more important is that you must treat everyone well, connect and make each encounter personal…. and make an positive impression on each that is unforgettable.


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Mike Elford
The Windsor Wedding Photographer
3036 Brimely Dr
Windsor, Ontario
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