How Mike Became Santa Claus

When my daughter Sam was born, we always had Santa and Mrs Claus come to the house. She grew up “knowing” Santa. The experience was incredible, as he always truly knew what she was up to and how she was doing. We kept that tradition going as the family grew and the kids became older. Eventually, Sam starting working as an elf with Santa. And I would have them in my Studio to share that experience with my clients. Year after year, they would come out for me and wow my past couples, and their growing families. It was just great!

But then Al (Santa) became sick and passed away.

In my mind as I watched Al work, I imagined myself in that suit, on that chair.. and if I could be a Santa etc.  And then the call came. Apparently, Bonnie (Al’s wife- aka Mrs Claus) and her family had a similar idea. And when Al passed, they called upon me to fill in his role as Santa.

Of course I was thrilled. It was such an honour that the family would consider me in that position. But even more so, it was my opportunity to take what I do… that wow factor that I thrive on in the Wedding Photography, I can now share that with my Santa clientele. Remember “It’s all about the Experience”, and now I can make that incredible impact with other families like Santa and Mrs. Claus did to mine.

Being Santa has taught me so much about kids. I mean, I like my own, but had little tolerance for others. I just didn’t understand them. Now having them sit on my lap telling me stories, or sharing what they desire for Christmas…. It’s actually quite cool!

And it’s made me respect the term Santa even more. As you’ve seen I’m sure, there are some terribly dressed Santa’s, or some terrible acting Santa’s. But when you see me, the outfit, the energy… I live Santa.. And that’s the difference!

And it pays off in the events I appear at. No mall Santa’s here. I appear on the CN Holiday Train, the Windsor Santa Claus Parade, the Essex Santa Claus Parade, The Kingsville Santa Parade and Festival of Lights as well as the Amherstburg Fantasy of Lights. It’s all pretty high profile events for this Santa.

Rather than saying “it’s good to be king”  “It’s Great To Be Santa!”

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