Mike Elford – Family Man

Where do I start? I’m 41, married (Stacie) for 13 years, and together we have three crazy… I mean wonderful children. Samantha (15) Steven (11) and Addison (9).  Life is pretty amazing seeing all how far each of us have come, and as parents, it’s pretty cool seeing characteristics of both Stacie and I in them. Each year we try to go away and do something as a family, hopefully something that will last with them… maybe a learning experience of sorts.

For example, here’s a story from last years Toronto trip. Stacie went on a trip to New York and came back with all these stories… and we darn sure weren’t going to take the FAMILY!!! to New York… Stacie would stress out, thinking of losing a kid there… so we went to Toronto… which really couldn’t be much less stress for her… But as a family, we’ve never been. Of course, I’ve been to Toronto so many times and am so comfortable.. it’s like my home away from home.

So I decide to take the family to the Eaton Centre so they can see some chaos. But we get stuck in traffic on Younge Street. And I mean stuck… Finally, traffic starts to flow in the opposite lane, which was led by 2 bicyclists… who weren’t wearing a shirt…. Or pants… Infact, they were completely naked.!

And so were the 300 other guys and gals… completely naked. Apparently, traffic had stopped to allow the “World Naked Bike Ride”. Yup.. my kids got to see their first full naked folk.  We all laughed and enjoyed the awkwardness of the experience. I don’t think they’ll ever forget it… And that’s what it’s all about it!