Mike Elford-The Windsor Wedding Photographer

I began my life in photography back when my oldest daughter (Samantha) I was a typical proud dad, and wanted to document everything she did. Of course that also meant bringing the camera -an HP Point and Shoot 4.0 megapixel- everywhere I went. And I was able to gather some great images of my family and friends. Not technically great I’m sure, but the value of some of those moments I captured… Just amazing!

But it did of course come at a cost. There were complaints of
“always being watched” as people became more annoyed by my constant picture taking.

At some point, in 2003 friends of our clique- Scott & Anna were getting married. And they asked me to photograph the wedding. And so I did. I did a little bit of research and homework on how to photograph a wedding in the weeks prior to their day. And the images turned out great! They really did. Call it lucky, or a things to come… but I’m still very proud of those images. I feel they would still stand tall among todays top 10 wedding photographer in Windsor.

But it was wedding number 3 that really locked me into this wedding photography thing. The wedding of Jessica & J.P. generated some incredible wedding photographs. And it was those images that propelled me. Facebook wasn’t around then, so I couldn’t market via today’s social media. I placed Kijij ads and received replies.

I love being wedding photographer. I think in life everyone needs a passion. For some fellas, it’s camping, hunting, or building a race car etc. I don’t have those things. It’s just not who I am. I built my own website, showcasing that I did both photography and videography.  And I really thrived on being a wedding photographer.

But the wedding photography business became busy. Very busy. And I had to make a tough decision. Do I concentrate soley on wedding photography, and not do wedding videography? And that’s exactly what I did. I just didn’t have time to do both. Video editing, for me took so much time. Maybe I just cared to much. The first dance would begin live with crowd noise, with a slow fade into the original song, with no distractions, things like that. I’m still very proud of my work from my early years.

And so I stuck with wedding photography, and I’m thrilled I did. The bookings went up, and have continued strong.  In fact, Once again, I’m at about the limit of what I can do in a season.

Being a wedding photographer, is so fantastic. Of course I might make some money, but more importantly, I get to see people at their best. I join my couples on their greatest day, celebrating with their family, their friends and guests. And just as fantastic for me, I get to opportunity to positively impact their day, creating or capturing images and memories that will indeed last a lifetime.

To have my name on that kind of impact… Life as a wedding photographer, it doesn’t get any better!