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I became interested in photography when my youngest daughter Samantha was born. The year was 2001, and I was destined to photograph each moment of her existance.

Sometime later, in 2004, I photographed my first wedding, and a handful of weddings later, I found myself as one of the busier wedding photographers in Windsor shooting upwards of 25 weddings a year.
I think the most important part of being a great wedding photographer is truly understanding not only, the importance of my wedding photography, but realizing the impact I make each and every time by giving the Ultimate Wedding Photography Experience. So many of my previous become great friends... It's a wonderful feeling knowing just how much you enjoyed the entire wedding photography experience with me.

The Windsor Wedding Photographer

Not everyone should be a wedding photographer!

I find there is a reason there are people who photograph weddings, and those who are WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS!

Being a great wedding photographer I find it's super important to mentally be ahead of your couple. Anticipate their next move, the next emotion. Be prepared for when things dont go right... and there is always some kind of stress. It's not the stress however, that's memorable, it's how WE got through it. With an ability to build rapport with a couple I hardly know, I can keep you calm especially as we pivot to adjust the plan. You'll love how you feel when your working with me.
Using expert posing, and great lighting, together we can create wedding photographs you'll actually want to print and hang on your walls.
This is what I do for each and every couple that desire what I refer to as the Ultimate Wedding Photography Experience!

This vast wedding photography experience has taught me what many bride and grooms desire.
In fact, I'd say that brides choose me to photograph their wedding, not because of my experience, rather they choose me to positively impact their wedding day experience!.

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Enjoy a handful of the roughly 80 5 Star Wedding Photograph Reviews on Google.

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The Ultimate Wedding Photography Experience begins with you contacting me. Reach out, tell me a little bit about your wedding day plans... I'll respond before you can say the alphabet backwords 🙂

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