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While there is no pressure to purchase, please ensure that if you order that, you have filled out the order form with accuracy. Player's names, team colors, and organization names are important. Please make sure they're accurate before submitting your order form

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***Please choose sibling packages if ordering for siblings.
***We cannot split orders to accommodate multiple children/players.

***There are No Proofs:

Each player portrait is a unique creation. This means each and every image is photographed, extracted from the background, and refined to ensure things like hair and skin are colour correct. Only then are these now composite images placed on a stunning background.
Lastly, your image will be decorated with various effects including smoke, lighting, and other effects. Images are created one at a time, and therefore images and effects may differ from those you may compare to. With this in mind, we just don’t have the time to create and display proofs in hopes you make the purchase.
We want to give you an image that will inspire and motivate you. There just isn’t any time for us to allow to give you proofs. If you are unsure of our process we understand.
Please do not feel pressured to purchase anything at all.
Of course, if you do invest in us with a photo purchase, we are confident you’re going to love your PhotoDay Experience with DraftPics.
We try to create unique images each and every time. This means that your team’s creations will be different from a previous team you may have seen. We do this to ensure yours are special. Of course, if there is a theme or background found on a  previous image that you find inspiring.. be sure to let us know.

As there is no automation with these images, please allow around 4-6 weeks for image production.

If you have any questions or issues regarding DraftPics or order from us… please email us here.  Or you can text Mike @5199907351

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