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Steven Elford


Taking that same basic principles that provided the foundation for my wedding photography business, I created DraftPics, a Sports photography division that takes simple athletic or player portraits to an entirely new level.
Using “green screen” and “composite photography” techniques, I easily create one of a kind portraits to celebrate any athletes’ love for the game. Regardless of age, sex, or ability, every athlete can benefit from a DraftPics portrait session.
When I first began on the DraftPics journey, I did it because it looked fantastic. And just like with my wedding photography, I soon learned there would be a totally different perspective to the impact of the DraftPics sports photography.

I learned that these portraits made my subject appear “larger than life”. They looked like a SuperStar. I also learned that my subjects loved seeing themselves this way. It provided confidence and even inspired them to be a better person tomorrow than they were today.

Impact and Inspire

It’s amazing for me to see just how much of an impact my DraftPics sports photography or athletic portraits have had on the many athletes I’ve photographed. The best part is these portraits can inspire any athlete, from any sport, regardless of size, sex, or ability.

Let DraftPics’ sports photography give your favorite athlete a confidence boost that will forever follow them on life’s journey.