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Tips on How to Look Your Best

Today, I’ll share a little about wedding day prep. Here are some tips to help you look and feel your best on life’s biggest stage

TANNING: If you’re going to tan before the wedding, be sure to avoid tan lines—especially if you have a strapless dress. If you’re getting married in the summer, ensure you’re tanning evenly in the two to three months before your wedding. Get your hair and makeup professionally done. Do a trial run beforehand to ensure you like the look before your big day.

ACCESSORIES: Try on your dress with different accessories you want to wear on your wedding day. This way, you know what it looks like with the dress, so you know what you want to wear, and you are not trying to decide on a necklace, etc., on the day of your wedding. This takes away getting ready time and causes unnecessary stress.

FEEL YOUR BEST: Walk around in your wedding shoes before the big day to get them worn in. Also, take some sandpaper to the bottoms to scuff them up so you don’t slip down the aisle or on the dance floor. If you walk around in the grass, you’ll want to get high-heel protector caps to not sink in the grass. Also, be conscious of walking on uneven grass so you don’t faceplant in your white dress.

FOOD & DRINK: The best way to look your best is to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water the days leading up to and the day of your wedding. Also, be sure to eat on your wedding day throughout the day so you don’t pass out or get a headache. And if you’re going to drink alcohol, don’t get drunk before photos – especially if it’s a red wine that can stain everything (including your mouth). Save it for after all the significant events at your reception.

Please use these tips to ensure you both look and feel your best on your wedding day! If you have any other ideas, please email them to me HERE.

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