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DraftPics by Mike Elford

DraftPics was created to showcase athletes, inspiring and motivating them to play longer, and harder. Celebrate their love for the game. Regardless of age or ability every athlete deserves to be showcased as the superstar they aspire to become!

Frequenty Asked Questions


Here is a handful of questions we get asked all too often!

There are many layers to this answer. 

  • It’s all about efficiency. With so many teams, and parents all who desire to get those orders back to you before the season ends, we have to keep everything simple. We keep it simple, same background for everyone, same posing for everyone. 
  • For those who want a session that’s a little more customized, you are welcome to book an individual showcase.
  • We photograph many teams and leagues. We believe in giving each a different background or theme each year. If we gave parents the offer to proof (choose backgrounds) we might find our work looking “the same” for everyone. That takes away from what makes us “special”
  • We likely are leaving money on the table as they say by limiting options, but it’s a decision that best suits us.
  • We believe, and we think you will as well, our images look better than the rest. Even without choosing backgrounds or poses, we appreciate you trusting the process. Remember we gain nothing by giving you images you’re not proud of.  

Orders placed within the ordering window will be delivered to your league or team on or before the date shown at the top of the ordering page. We’ll be in touch to arrange a pickup for those who order after the window has closed.

Yes, it’s true. The day after the PhotoDay I return to the studio and sort the images. Hopefully, each is labelled properly and is easily sorted into respective team/league folders. Then each image gets a basic edit.. generally, a little sharpening, and a little highlight reduction.  From there I attack the orders. Find the player’s name, find the player’s pictures, and extract them. Then place them on the background, add names and numbers, and save them to a folder that will get uploaded to the printing lab. So yes I create every image. 

Of course, mistakes happen. We’re all human. Please let us know and allow us to make it right. Most issues are caused by improper naming, or improper info on the order sheet. Things like magnets and trading cards take about 1.5 weeks to be delivered from the lab, so please have some patience. Together, we can figure it out and make it an awesome experience.

We find many parents input their names as the player name. Remember, we don’t know anyone, so guess what? The name on the form is the name that will appear on your images! So please parents, take your time and please review your order before placing it. This happens so many times! 

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We’re all human, mistakes happen. At DraftPics, we believe it’s all about how you make it right, which makes us different!

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