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Showcase your Team/Club with a

Team Media Day.

Every sports team deserves to be showcased with a Team Media Day. It’s a way to document your team, knowing they will look like superstars, but it’s also a great way to bond your squad.

What do you get for


  • Each player will get a digital graphic. 
  • Access to the DraftPics Team Banner Graphic
  • All player’s poses extracted, allowing for team use.

    These player graphics are great for team social media use. ie: Get to Know “John Smith”.  

    And of course, you’ll get to represent your club with a DraftPics Team Banner…. It ain’t your mama’s team photo!

A Team Banner is a must have

This ain’t yo mama’s team photo!

Most teams call upon DraftPics to create an incredible Team Banner for them. A DraftPics Team Banner is a must-have for your team or group. There are many reasons for this, but typically it’s all based on pride. The pride the players feel when they’re part of such an amazing team. And of course, the pride your organization feels when their teams, including their players, look their best. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Every year teams receive a team photo, a way forever to cement the members of the year’s squad. Why not make it something special? Perhaps a DraftPics team banner so amazing, so proud, that the players will hang on their walls? 
While team pride is special, there are several reasons your team needs a team banner.


Each team claims they are a family. It’s a way to show unity. Togetherness. No better way to say family, unity, and togetherness than showcasing them at their very best… with a DraftPics team banner of course.

Not every team wins the championship. Some teams, barely win a game. Within those teams, some of your players will rarely score. Yet within the DraftPics team banner, they’ll all equally look like superstars.

Many teams have their DraftPics team banner developed and printed for proud display around the facility where they play. Everyone walking into that facility will pass by, and be forced to acknowledge how everyone on that banner looks like a superstar. Indeed, your team banner will impact those on opposing teams as they wonder… are these guys as good as they look?

We understand how expensive playing sports can be. And we also realize that some teams just wouldn’t exist without the use of various sponsors and their financial support. Why not showcase them on your team banner? The ultimate way to say thank you is to proudly display their name or logo on the very same team banner that is attracting all this wonderful attention.

Checkout this Banner Unveiling

Team Reaction Video

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